Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who Is Sylvia?--Woodstock, VT

I have been going to Vermont for several years and every time I most look forward to going into Who Is Sylvia? Every room in this vintage shop is like a museum with all the antique jewelry, victorian ball gowns, and ornate hats. In a way it feels scandalous to touch the garments--but true enough they are there to be bought!

So cute...yet oh so itchy!

20 buck rack!

$5 Christmas apron!

This dress was sold by an old store in my town! What are the odds?


Tasha Gregson said...

Cute!! Vintage is amazing, this looks like a really cool store. If I'm ever across the Atlantic I'll be sure to check it out :)


Christina said...

it really is a great store!! it's like a museum where you can purchase the exhibits!


Fashion Court said...

i love that pink dress for some reason! xo

Catherine said...

Looks like a lovely place! That cape (I think?) is to-die-for.


Blonde Chicette said...

I love the last dress.
Thanks for the comment. I love your blog!

xx. Shannon

Christina said...

yes the pink dress is definitely my favorite!!
and the cape was amazing! i would have bought it if it didnt weigh twice my weight!!

Anonymous said...

nice :)


Anonymous said...


Thx x.

Leigh said...

Adorable apron and love the pink dress!! :)

Laura said...

this looks like a great vintage store!! love the black cape