Saturday, November 28, 2009

The List Goes On and On

As the days get shorter and Christmas day nears, my wish list grows with gusto...
There is so little time, only three more weekends until Christmas (one being completely filled with Holiday parties), yet so much shopping to do!

Crushed Glitter Minaudière $49.50 from J.Crew

Tall Cords in Warm Chestnut $49.99 from J.Crew

Show Pony Shadow Box $30 from Sephora

Urban Decay Loose Powders $20 from Sephora

Ralph Lauren Romance 1 oz. $40 from Sephora

Deep Violet Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves $88 from J.Crew

Ripe Avocado Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves $88 from J.Crew

Glazed Hazelnut Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves $88 from J.Crew

Eternal Optimist Essie $8

Mint Candy Apple Essie $8

And believe me, there will be much more to come...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Bests of the Anthropologie Winter Collection

Aka the best of the best. I almost (just almost) want these pieces as much as the J.Crew jewelry! (psst I have an inkling that my mom has gotten me one of them for christmas...she isn't good at keeping present secrets) :D

Tried-And-True Oxfords

Golden Discs Oxfords

Albertine Dress

Jacquard Gala Dress

Glimmering Magnolia Dress

Longest Night Dress

Laced Dots Sweater

A Cappella Sweater

Aegis Tank

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Too bad I'm only 15...

I wish I could have a wedding, all of these dresses are gorgeous!

Would you get married in a vintage dress? If it were one of these, I know I would!

(All Oleg Cassini wedding gowns)

ehh I'm not really feeling a black wedding dress...

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Even though I attempt to clean my room quite frequently, it tends to look exactly the same in the before and after pictures. Despite the much quality time I spend with an oversized garbage bag, my disability to trash what is collecting dust in my room leaves the bag empty and my room a cluttered mess. It is true that I have never worn a headband for a full day in my life, I find them to be extremely unflattering to my head and excruciatingly painful, yet I have a full case if them floating throughout my room. One day it may be in my closet, the next under my bed, and perhaps the following in my desk drawer, but never does it find itself in the garbage. To me, it seems a sin to throw away clothing, knick-knacks and jewelry even if they do indeed lack a purpose in my life, yet with the small room and microscopic closet fate has given me, I must find a way to readjust to this situation at hand.

Luckily, I have recently stumbled upon my savior, Score, a pop-up swap meet held for people to clear out their closets and find new treasures. Occurring once every month since May, Score has been and continues to be different and original each time, including the venue, theme, and merchandise. Some themes in the past have been Vintage Score! and Halloween Score!, some settings have been water front parks and artist studios, and merchandise can be from old Blondie Records to brand new Adidas sneakers, but the one factor that doesn’t change is the concept. Score has a simple yet completely charming equation: good music + good food + good people + free stuff = an amazing time.

The notion of Score is so mouth watering that it seems too good to be true. When you arrive at the venue, which is in Brooklyn this year at a design center called 3rd Ward, you drop off everything you have supplied at the donations table and enter the grounds which are split into departments, Music, Apparel & Accessories, Art Supplies, House-wares, Books & Media, Random Gems / Miscellany. The vision before your eyes looks reminiscent of a yard sale or flea market, yet the beauty is, everything is absolutely, positively, no strings attached free! This reality has been a dream that has lingered in my mind numerous times before, but back then I didn’t know that a fantasy of free clothes could in fact come true!

While chatting with fellow swappers, enjoying complementary beverages and snacks from the bar, listening to music and wandering through the numerous sections, you can pick up as many things as your arms and Score! tote bags will allow. As the creators of Score! say, “It’s like shopping…but without paying.” I cannot imagine anything being left untaken, but at the end of the monthly swap meet, all of the remaining goods will be collected by Rock and Wrap it Up, an anti poverty organization that distributes donations to worthy non-profits throughout the city. Helping the city while scoring free stuff and having a fabulous time? I’m in.

P.s. The more the merrier! Don’t forget to RSVP for the next Score! event on November 21st at

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Santa...

I would like each and every piece of jewelry from If you are feeling generous, one in each color please!

Luxe Cocktail Bracelet $98

Infinity Earrings $65

Crystal and Pearl Pastiche Necklace $135

Crystal Supernova Necklace $128

Crystal Supernova Bracelet $98

Crystal Waterfall Earrings $55

Polished Teardrop Necklace $48.50

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Sitting in a quaint little book shop in Woodstock. Wearing Betsy Johnson fishnets, vintage sweater, vintage booties, old navy skirt and scarf, and vintage Dianne Berkely leather purse.

Just had to get a bathroom mirror shot.

Bracelet I got in an adorable Woodstock boutique. I also got...

These sunglasses! My buds and I just couldn't resist!

After Woodstock we went to Warwick. The scenes were completely picturesque. Would I want to live here? NO! But for a day trip, it was lovely.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fashion for Compassion Photo Shoot

So, this year I started a club in school called Fashion for Compassion. Today we had a pizzaz fest at my house and sewed, bedazzled, ripped, scribbled on, and studded our huge lot of donated clothes which are going to be sold at the end of the year (the proceeds will go to a local charity). It was a lot of fun, plus we actually got a lot done!

Mia modeling one of the donated tops while embroidering a sweater.

Rach turning a plain white tank into a halter.

Modeling some of our creations.

Sammy in an Urban Outfitters dress.

I made the head piece out of an old jean cuff and the high waisted jean shorts from old mom jeans.