Monday, August 31, 2009

Going back to school is tough, but I'll do it with style!

A book bag can make or break an outfit and this Guess tote ($39 originally $95) is the perfect frosting to my new ensembles!

Going into the city with my friend on a rainy day to see a new exhibit at the MET--plans of strolling in the park were obviously cancelled. :( Wearing--Forever 21 Grey T, black high waisted frilly skirt, F 21 cloche hat, vintage gold pocket watch (on neck), Kenneth Cole vintage worn leather bag, black bangle.

From the moment i saw this dress I was in love! One of the many perqs of parties is having a excuse to buy an amazing dress! Hope it doesn't outshine the party-girl's dress!!

Patiently waiting to be worn.

Amazing jeans from Urban Outfitters. I am dying to get bleached jeans!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who Is Sylvia?--Woodstock, VT

I have been going to Vermont for several years and every time I most look forward to going into Who Is Sylvia? Every room in this vintage shop is like a museum with all the antique jewelry, victorian ball gowns, and ornate hats. In a way it feels scandalous to touch the garments--but true enough they are there to be bought!

So cute...yet oh so itchy!

20 buck rack!

$5 Christmas apron!

This dress was sold by an old store in my town! What are the odds?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Lately my closet has been getting quite hard to handle, so to get some extra cash, to clear out my cluttered space, and to make room for more (!!), I sold a heap of never worn (and that I was never going to wear..) clothing to a local consignment shop Savvy Chic!

Our stuff is packed up and is ready to go!

It looks as though my mom has been to many funerals...haaa

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Amazing Sale at Urban Outfitters!

This Urban Outfitters sale is coming at the perfect time! School is almost here for us East coasters and it is time to go back to school shopping, the only good part of a new school year. All the new trends and styles for this fall are already shown in the sale section for a fraction of the original price!

Jeffrey Campbell Laddered Wedge--$70 were $128

Photo Landscape Scoop--$15 was $24

Silence & Noise Wyatt Moto Jacket--$90 was $128

Silence & Noise Leatherette Skirt--$50 was$78

Silence & Noise 2-Pocket Bomber--$90 was $128

Jeffrey Campbell Scaled Heel--$60 were $128

MINKPINK Denim Addict Dress--$60 was $88

UO Feather Tassel Necklace--$30 was $48

Levis 631 Skinny Premium Jean--$39 was $68

Cascading Square Hoop Earrings--$15 was $24

Silence & Noise Striped One Shoulder Dress--$30 was $48

Silence & Noise hi-waisted tulip skirt--$30 was $58

Silence & Noise Striped Boatneck Tunic--$25 was $38

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Momma Welcome to the 60's!

It's like Déjà vu to the fashion world! The magazines keep telling me that this Fall is "all about the 80's style jackets and shoulder pads" but my subconscious research has proved those seasoned fashionistas wrong! While flipping through the pages, checking out fashion news and websites, and popping into all the stores I have been noticing a recurring trend similar to the 60's! This excites me profusely for that with no doubt is my favorite fashion era! Here are a few shoe examples of the 21st century version of the hippy decade:

INSPIRATION from the 60's : Ferragamo Rainbow Platforms

2009 version: Dolce and Gabbana face wedges... reminiscent of the Schiaparelli shoe hat?

2009 version: Chanel lightbulb shoes...interesting heel, platforms..very late 60's

2009 version: Louis Vuitton heels. Psychedelic man!

2009 version: Cesare Paciotti shoes...rainbow much?

and the...LAST WHAMMO:

Twiggy in the late 60's

Sonia Rykiel sequin dress...very similar, eh?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Go For The Gold

As soon as Fall fashion magazines were placed on their respective racks, I flew to Borders (they have every magazine known to man!) to pick up a bundle of new and crisp copies. While flipping through the pages, I became a raccoon and was entranced by all of the shiny and the GOLD! Here are a few examples of the sparkly new trend this season:

Behnaz Sarafroup

Stella Mccartney



Louis Vuitton



Christian Laroix

Arden. B

Cesare Paciotti

Shimmering shoes are also being sold at Old Navy! (Photo taken at a trip to the mall)