Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve!

Woah, it has already been a week since Christmas Eve...weird. Still, I am very excited about all my presents so I shall share a few favorites with you:

J.Crew Polished Teardrop Necklace

Victoria's Secret Makeup Kit

J. Crew Warm Maple Cords

Crystal Waterfall Earrings

Essie Very Cranberry

Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume

Leather Gloves

J.Crew Infinity Bracelet

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The New and the Old

Well, as what happens every year, Christmas has come and Christmas has passed. There's not much to it but time. I feel selfish saying that I want more of it, time that is, but what can I do. I woke up at 9:30 this morning, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and started working on my history project by 10. Somewhere in between then and now, 12:21 am, I finished by project without even noticing the hours flying by. I can still smell the toothpaste on my breath and the Dove soap on my face. Time's a bugger. Well, anyways, enough of my melancholy ranting and onto the simple pleasures of clothes...

The New: Jean vest from Payhalf (woohoo bargain!), Urban Outfitters dress--Christmas present from my friend, vintage booties, target stockings.

I didn't think this outfit would work when I put it on on one of those cold and tired mornings where it seems as though the heater's only purpose is to make hissing noises and your hair is plotting against you, but to my watch's pleasure, it looked good!

The Old: Winter weather can be very harmful to your outfits. Sometimes when I look outside and see the muddy, sludgy snow piled inches deep, I feel like putting on jeans and a big pair of duck boots. The warm colored outfit I wore a week ago made me forget about the chilly weather, so to keep my mind in the sunny side of France and away from complete winter melt down, I renewed this outfit, adding my new skirt.

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Fashionable Holiday

It is weird how time is flying. Is it really Christmas in less than a week?

This time of year is filled with holiday parties, may they be close family get-togethers, joyful Christmas celebrations, exciting New Year's Eve bashes, reminiscent Hanukkah Seders, or even a winter wonderland school dance. No matter what the occasion, many pictures will be snapped and many impressions will be made, so I'm thinking that a classy outfit to make a statement is now more than ever of the utmost importance. With all of the other craziness that comes along with the Holidays, it may seem impossible to fit in time for some personal shopping, but what's the harm in treating yourself to an early present? Hey, get a manicure while you're at it! Looking good is feeling good and there is nothing like feeling confident and self assured at a party. Sound like a good plan? It sure does to me!

An essential part of picking a holiday party outfit is determining how it will make feel at the affair. From experience, I can say that an uncomfortable and awkward outfit definitely can be a night ruiner. The first dance of my High School career was the Mischief Masquerade on cabbage night. Being one to love an opportunity to dress up and also one to not get many chances, I was rather excited about this excuse to flaunt a fancy red dress that had been sitting in my closet for quite some time, dying to get out. As I arrived, fully clad in a faux fur jacket, shiny silver gloves, high-heels and of course, my red dress, I noticed a vast difference between my outfit and everybody else’s. The main separation between my new classmates and me is that I looked like I was attending a wedding in the 20’s while they appropriately looked like they were at a school dance. I ended up stuffing my furry coat and elaborate accessories into my friend’s first floor locker and zipped into her hoodie.

If you don’t want to end up like me on that awkward night of speedy clothes swapping, make sure you find out if the party is black tie, semi-formal or casual or ask some friends what they are planning on wearing beforehand. I don’t know which is more embarrassing, showing up to a party filled with ball gowns in a tank and jeans or arriving to a backyard barbecue in elbow gloves and a tiara. If you can’t figure out the appropriate attire, there is always a happy medium: a skirt and blouse. Just in case your outfit needs a heavier dose of the fancy factor pack some statement jewelry, such as sparkly chandelier earrings, and red lipstick in your purse. Either way, you come off cool and collected, and save yourself a lot of stress!

Now that you know what kind of party you are dressing for, it is time to hit the mall! The easiest and most comfortable base of an outfit is a simple holiday dress. Lulu’s Fashion Lounge (only found online) has an extensive and varied list of holiday dresses that goes on for 35 pages. If you are looking to purchase at a store, Urban Outfitters at GSP, although a little bit more expensive, has a wonderful variety of flattering dresses. For a put together look I suggest picking up a pair of opaque tights, perhaps in a warm holiday color, from Target (range in price from about 4 to 7 dollars), some expensive looking jewelry for an unbelievable price from Charlotte Russ (2 for $8), and an elaborate headband from J.Crew (most around $20).

I wish you a merry, classy and confident holiday party season (and a happy New Year!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Festive Outfits

Recently I have been feeling rather festive. No doubt, it is because Christmas is only in 11 days! I never believed it when people told me when you get older time seems so short, but I have lately been finding it true! It kind of makes me sad...I want to savor this time of year but it is rather hard to hold on to with all of this life going on. I should dedicate a whole day to hot chocolate drinking, present wrapping, christmas tree admiring, singing, and movie watching in snuggies with my friends. Yea, that's what I'll do.


Skirt, Anthropologie, Christmas present from my friend. Shirt, Gap. Antique pocket watch from the statue of liberty's 100th birthday (1986). Target stockings. Vintage leather booties.

My Valentine's card outfit :)

Target cardigan. Anthropologie shirt. Gap skirt. Betsy Johnson tights. Vintage leather booties.

Holiday wreath earrings :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Well, I gotta get myself Christmas presents too...

Its amazing how I can still think of things that I want for Christmas after shopping so much. I always try to write down what I want instead of buying it, but spur of the moment shopping is always much more satisfying. Well, for reassurance, I must say that none of these items broke the budget and/or are one of I kind, so purchasing them was very necessary...Hehee :)

Cashmere sweater originally from Saks Fifth Avenue, got it for $35 from Second Time Around in the village (Mott and Prince).

I saw this at Kmart for 30 bucks and loved it but was surprised that it was so expensive...later that weekend I found it at Burlington Coat Factory for $14 and bought it. Wooop.

It looks like a normal vest from the back. When I turn around...BAM furry!

$5 dollars at a local vintage thrift store.

$2.50 at a thrift stopr to raise money for a hospital in Staunton Virginia.

Yayy shiny! Gold earrings--$3 at Charlotte Russe. Silver earrings--$2 at Nordstroms BP.

Holiday sweater--$15 at Target.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Speaking of Mango...

A MANGO! Haha...just kidding! What I meat was...

Today I wore my Mango shirt!

I looove this little black dress on the little black shirt!

Ruffles! Shirt from Mango, leggings from Target, knee socks from Charlotte Russe, black cardigan from Gap, black leather boots (I have no idea..)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


While on a shopping spree in the village, I wandered into this adorable store called Mango. I was surprised to find that this store is a global chain...I had never heard of it before this happy encounter. I am glad that I know of it now and feel I must pay tribute to the number of amazing and unique pieces they have to their line. Bravooo Mangooo!



$159.90...faux fur I hope!





$119.90 the vintage style yet modern look is spellbinding!



$24.90 ... By FAR the best leggings ever




$139.90 (dress)





$59.90 I wish I had some cute leather gloves like these...the bows are adorable! so vintage.