Monday, August 31, 2009

Going back to school is tough, but I'll do it with style!

A book bag can make or break an outfit and this Guess tote ($39 originally $95) is the perfect frosting to my new ensembles!

Going into the city with my friend on a rainy day to see a new exhibit at the MET--plans of strolling in the park were obviously cancelled. :( Wearing--Forever 21 Grey T, black high waisted frilly skirt, F 21 cloche hat, vintage gold pocket watch (on neck), Kenneth Cole vintage worn leather bag, black bangle.

From the moment i saw this dress I was in love! One of the many perqs of parties is having a excuse to buy an amazing dress! Hope it doesn't outshine the party-girl's dress!!

Patiently waiting to be worn.

Amazing jeans from Urban Outfitters. I am dying to get bleached jeans!!


Pedro Herrero said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting. Love the Urban Outfitters' Jeans, they look great!

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Anonymous said...

Love that dress!


J & L said...

Great dress! Such a flattering shape.

T said...

I love that Guess bag!! My friends and I have bought the same one but in white for one of my friends' birthday present!!

Catherine said...
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