Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Momma Welcome to the 60's!

It's like Déjà vu to the fashion world! The magazines keep telling me that this Fall is "all about the 80's style jackets and shoulder pads" but my subconscious research has proved those seasoned fashionistas wrong! While flipping through the pages, checking out fashion news and websites, and popping into all the stores I have been noticing a recurring trend similar to the 60's! This excites me profusely for that with no doubt is my favorite fashion era! Here are a few shoe examples of the 21st century version of the hippy decade:

INSPIRATION from the 60's : Ferragamo Rainbow Platforms

2009 version: Dolce and Gabbana face wedges... reminiscent of the Schiaparelli shoe hat?

2009 version: Chanel lightbulb shoes...interesting heel, platforms..very late 60's

2009 version: Louis Vuitton heels. Psychedelic man!

2009 version: Cesare Paciotti shoes...rainbow much?

and the...LAST WHAMMO:

Twiggy in the late 60's

Sonia Rykiel sequin dress...very similar, eh?


Emsy-Pie said...

Aaaah, I LOVE that lightbulb shoe! Not that I'd ever wear it, lol, but it's so cute.

Christina said...

spanks :) it is dorbss

Liv said...

the lightbulb shoe is just amazing! i ♥ it ! thanks for commenting on my blog btw =]
yours is awesome!

RishaBelle said...

My friend posted a blog about what shoes that reminds her of a person. The shoe she featured reminded her of MJ. (

Then she asks a question which shoe would we be? So I Googled "rainbow platforms", and came across your blog post. WHAT AN INSPIRING POST! I'm gonna follow your blog now, I love it. I love what you said about today's trends. Great observation. I agree. I think the 60's style will be with us forever. BTW, love the props to twiggy.

I'm so inspired by this post, gonna write something about it on mine: