Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Go For The Gold

As soon as Fall fashion magazines were placed on their respective racks, I flew to Borders (they have every magazine known to man!) to pick up a bundle of new and crisp copies. While flipping through the pages, I became a raccoon and was entranced by all of the shiny and the GOLD! Here are a few examples of the sparkly new trend this season:

Behnaz Sarafroup

Stella Mccartney



Louis Vuitton



Christian Laroix

Arden. B

Cesare Paciotti

Shimmering shoes are also being sold at Old Navy! (Photo taken at a trip to the mall)


Tasha Gregson said...

Ha! I'm exactly the same with magazines-I must get like 10 a month!! Love the Topshop dress and Cesare Paciotti shoes-keep up the good blogging!!

Christina said...

haa! Me too! I am at the moment looking through my huge stack that I just bought this past week! H&M started making magazines (they're free) and I picked one up at the store yesterday! It's actually really good!

Thanks, I will!

Claudrine said...

awesome post dear :) i just used that stella mc carthney clutch in my latest set! http://www.polyvore.com/life_in_fab_lane/set?id=11445150

Christina said...

thank you so much!! don't you just love the clutch!!??
p.s. your set is wonderful!

harps said...

I want spotty gold gloves!