Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Too bad I'm only 15...

I wish I could have a wedding, all of these dresses are gorgeous!

Would you get married in a vintage dress? If it were one of these, I know I would!

(All Oleg Cassini wedding gowns)

ehh I'm not really feeling a black wedding dress...


Lilee said...

i agree!

michelle_ said...

wouldnt get married in black dress too . in my culture, blacks are reserved for men bcos they tend to be 'dirty' (by that, means that they're not virgin anymore) and brides should wear white because of their virginity & purity :)

for me, i wouldnt get married in a vintage dress. to me, having a wedding is like a start of a 2nd new life, so we should get something new for the new life :)

bt that's just my preference.
these dresses are still fabolous though !
i'll wear them if some garment maker can copy it .
followed ur blog too !

Tasha Gregson said...

Ooooh, I love looking at wedding dresses. My dream is a custom Vera :)

michelle_ said...

thanks for commenting !
hope you'll visit me back :)
and perhaps follow me too .. hehehe..

i've got a new pot up already :)

lexie said...

love the second one, soo elegant and classic :) xx LC

[ RD ]Pictures ;Memorys. said...

wow these dresses are all so beautiful!
This totally gives me a whole new view on the many different types of wedding dresses out there or the many ways you could wear them. I would absolutely love to wear a vintage wedding gown when I get married [[way in the future]] Maybe a 20's styled inspired dress!
And thank you for your comment to our blog!
Mika is so much fun!