Friday, November 6, 2009

Fashion for Compassion Photo Shoot

So, this year I started a club in school called Fashion for Compassion. Today we had a pizzaz fest at my house and sewed, bedazzled, ripped, scribbled on, and studded our huge lot of donated clothes which are going to be sold at the end of the year (the proceeds will go to a local charity). It was a lot of fun, plus we actually got a lot done!

Mia modeling one of the donated tops while embroidering a sweater.

Rach turning a plain white tank into a halter.

Modeling some of our creations.

Sammy in an Urban Outfitters dress.

I made the head piece out of an old jean cuff and the high waisted jean shorts from old mom jeans.

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MaeGal said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog.
I really like your blog! Your style is really cool and unique. I'm fond of it. :)