Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Santa...

I would like each and every piece of jewelry from If you are feeling generous, one in each color please!

Luxe Cocktail Bracelet $98

Infinity Earrings $65

Crystal and Pearl Pastiche Necklace $135

Crystal Supernova Necklace $128

Crystal Supernova Bracelet $98

Crystal Waterfall Earrings $55

Polished Teardrop Necklace $48.50


Robyn said...

(thanks for the comment on my blog!)

Those are wonderful! I especially love the Luxe Cocktail Bracelet. That is a fantastic peice, right there!

ps. I think we have the same camera! :o


Ljubica said...

thanks for your lovely comment!
i love your christmas list.. i think i might ask santa for some similar things.....

Dithyramb said...

Oh, how gorgeous! I'd never have known to look to JCrew for such luxe pieces. Thanks for the heads-up!

michelle_ said...

dear santa . id love every piece of these jewelry as well !! love the crystal supernova bracelet very much !! it's a must have!

thanks for comments :)
hope u come back for more !
mind following my blog ?
i'll follow urs back..

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

how funny, i want those same pieces too - especially the pearl bracelet and the rhinestone necklace. i WILL get those!!

Anonymous said...

Love that bracelet on the top! Adorable.

English Rose said...

i love these - it reminds me that I need to make a christmas wishlist as well lol

i completely agree with everything in your 'about me' - we have very similar outlooks/pasttimes (for the record people-watching is NOT stalking lol)

thanks for your lovely comment - i really love your blog

hopefully you'll become a regular on mine =]