Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fashion Blogging

Here is an article I wrote for my local newspaper about fashion blogging, Sea of Shoes, Fashion Pearls of Wisdom and What I Wore.

When I was younger I used to think the scroll of jobs only consisted of accountant, lawyer, doctor, real estate agent and teacher, none too exciting, but inescapable. I would change my mind quite frequently because none of those choices seemed to fit to my liking. As the years went on, other potential job options became apparent such as writer, fashion designer, dancer and chef. Still, none interested me enough to withhold from wavering. The older I became the more occupations were added onto the growing list, in turn allowing me to see that jobs could, in fact, be interesting. Still, not till a short while ago, I didn’t realize that what could be considered an enjoyable hobby could very well be a job! I was recently introduced to an online fashion utopia, even better than the J.Crew catalogues and Marie Claire magazines that came in the mail, fashion blogging.

While paroozing the world-wide-web one day, I stumbled upon a very vibrant looking web page entitled Sea Of Shoes. The pictures of well-styled outfits and models coming down the runway in recent haute couture creations were rather pleasing and sent me to scour the entirety of the blog. The author of the blog Sea of Shoes is a senior in High School, Jane Aldridge, who’s fashion career started out by posting some pictures of her daily outfits, fashion updates and recent interests. After many months of posting almost every day, Jane has gotten to the extreme number of 10,578 followers, has been asked twice to create a shoe line for Urban Outfitters, invited to the Crillon Ball by Vogue and dressed by Chanel, and modeled for the clothing line Simone while still keeping up on her blog religiously. This high school girl got her high heel shoe in the door of the fashion business by expressing what interests her and showing her talents to the world.

Since then I have found many other fabulous blogs, such as What I Wore (at tumblr.com) and Fashion Pearls of Wisdom. The author of this What I Wore, Jessica Schroeder, already is involved in the fashion industry and simply posts daily pictures of what she wore for fun. Her lovely outfits consist mostly of vintage finds and thrift purchases. The reason I love her blog so much is because unlike most, she never fails to create an intriguing post every day, and sometimes even twice a day! Fashion Pearls of Wisdom by Pearl Westwood, unlike What I Wore, leans more towards the runway scene. The best of the best fashion shows and photo shoots are reviewed on her blog such as this season’s Chanel, Christian La Croix, Luella, Garath Pugh, Rodarte and Sonia Rykiel.

All of these wonderful blogs have inspired me to start one of my own, Haute and Fauxie (hauteandfauxie.blogspot.com). I am certainly not as much as a blogging pro as my seasoned inspirations, but I try my best! On my blog I post pictures of exciting fashion events I have attended such as the Tim Gunn fashion show, some daily outfits, vintage finds, articles, exposés on noteworthy stores, and more. It is certainly exciting news that doctor and lawyer are not the only jobs out there and that hobbies indeed can be another name for the perfect job.

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Pearl Westwood said...

Hi Christina,
Thank you for including my blog in your feature. It is a fantastic article and I wish that there had been appropriate career guidance when I had left school. I would never have dreamed that you could actually study fashion at University and have a career in it, other than being a designer. But that was 10 years ago (eek!!) when I was 18, I think that with blogging and the web things are much more accessable these days. Keep up the good work, you are a talented journalist, and of course I will be following your blog! I added a link to my last post, and added your blog to my links list so hopefully everyone will come and check it out.
Pearl x