Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Magics of Styling

It's crazy how you can take a basic as simple as a grey shirt and infuse so many different styles into it! This school year so far I have worn the same grey shirt numerous times and it has gone completely unnoticed! (with a statement piece the repeat would be obvious) Here are pictures of two outfits I wore with the grey shirt.

With American Apparel skirt, XOXO necklace and Carini shoes.

Worn with J. Crew golden headband, Gap cardigan and american Eagle jeans. You could never tell, right? This concludes the experiment of the magic of styling! Huzzahhhhhhh


lisa + cathy said...

i know plain things are best. american apparel always have the the better plain clothes, except a little bit too pricey
and i would love to have a skirt like yours!
your quote on the side contain such beautiful
fashion is a passion for both us, hahaha

Natalie said...

I love j.crew, they have cute basics and cardigans! ur headband is very cute! like the looks, very simple but cute :)



Anonymous said...

The American Apparel skirt is really cute. :).

Enjoy ;).