Wednesday, September 9, 2009

DIY Inspiration Anyone?

So as you may have seen on one of my earlier posts, my last DIY attempt was a complete fail. I have been a little wary to begin on my next endeavor but I believe that now I am ready. So, while I was cleaning out my closet and my mom with hers we found this very 80's combo. The golden silk button up shirt and rather large on me and ditto for the blazer which has very big shoulder pads. I have a few ideas of how I could DIY these amazingly 80's pieces, but it is still under consideration...

Do you have any ideas??


Marsey said...

It definitely has a lot of potential... I think maybe keep the shoulder pads. It's an edgy take on a classic blazer.

xoxo Marsey

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Eden said...

yeah keep the shoulder pads! the blazer is quite a perfect staple to have this season. maybe you can jazz up the polo shirt a little bit.

btw, don't give up on the DIYing! do check my recent diy, maybe youd like to try that too:)


Dylana said...

Sequins on the shoulders would be fab I think!