Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Leather Skirt

So, I recently ordered this seemingly adorable leather skirt from Urban Outfitters but when I got it I realized never to order urban renewal offline. The cute little pink number I saw is not now gracing my closet, but instead an ugly beige sack is waiting on my dining room table to be returned. It is rather hard thrifitng for a good leather skirt that fits well, but I will go back to the best vintage shop in the world and rummage through the boxes. Do you know of any stores that sell nice leather skirts?


Anonymous said...

I found mine in my mother's cupboard. She used to wear it but it still good looking. That's the best vintage clothes you'll ever wear, the one which has ever lived.

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xo <3 L.

zupu said...

I don't know where to buy but I definitely would like to find a black leather skirt from here in Milan.

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