Monday, January 4, 2010

Is there a choice to skip the next two weeks?

These two weeks to come are possibly the most hectic (and possibly the worst, but let's not be debby downers) of the whole school year. At the moment, concert, a drama performance at my high school, is in its rehearsal prime. At the same time, midterms are just two weeks away and demand a lot of studying time! So on top of the rehearsal everyday, usual homework, midterm studying, and the need to keep up personal hygiene, which is beginning to seem way too difficult than it should at this time of beiur;boigqu34;hgi. That is the only way i can express it, just w4uui432skjl5gc5,!!!! I praise the day that concert ends, the 17th, the last of the four performances, all scheduled for the main midterm studying weekend; and I very much so look forward to the end of midterms, the 26th. I am planning to go ice skating with my friends, go on a madcap adventure with my best two buds, a major moviefest and a lot of British book reading like Angus, Thong and Full Frontal Snogging. But as for now: singing, dancing, rehearsing, learning and studying. I may not come out alive.

What I am doing. Studying a mountain of books.

What I want to be doing. Salsa dancing in Spain while wearing a blue feathered babooshka.

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