Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fashion Confidence

Midterms will be over in a week! Can't wait!!

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how clothes directly affect one’s mood. Back in the day when I thought puppy clad Old Navy shirts were of the utmost delectability, I bought clothes based on how amazing and adorable the laminated dog looked instead of me. Although the puppies looked quite fetching, as I reminisce with old photo albums, I see that I looked far from my best. My friends now tell me how jealous they were of my collection, so I guess I was not alone in this notion.

As the years prolonged, I began to realize that it’s not how the clothes look on the hanger that is crucial to your mood; it is how the attire looks on your body. Although this breakthrough was of epic proportions, I still sometimes have a lapse in judgment and try to fashion an appealing look that just doesn’t fit.

To me, the idea of a big, fluffy, yellow sweater seems extremely satisfying so each time I take a trip to the mall, I must try on at least one big, fluffy, yellow sweater. The image of myself in the mirror in said yellow sweater never fails to make me cringe, let’s just say that sweaters are not my thing, yet each time I go back for more. Maybe it is time for me to take my own advice and put this comfy fantasy to rest!

My point comes down to this, when I put on an outfit that fits well, feels comfortable and looks good, I can’t help but feel confident, not only in appearance. My day improves vastly; the invincible feeling of a flattering outfit is unmatchable. I tend to put myself out there, smile more, eat healthier, and even pay attention in class better. On the other hand, when something goes awry and I leave the house not looking up to par, I feel in the dumps all day long. A little nighttime outfit planning is well worth it!

When I find myself asking the fashion gods why I love clothing so much, this is the response I get. It is not the materialistic idea of stuff that gets me, but it is the way clothes can make you feel. Clothing is not only to be viewed and judged, but also to make you feel any way you want. A glum mood is easily tricked with a flattering outfit of bright colors and bold patterns.

No matter how lovely a clothing item looks on the mannequin, if it doesn’t look fabulous on you, don’t buy it! It will probably end up collecting dust in the closet, or if the guilt of wasteful money spending gets to you, the dissatisfaction of an unflattering or uncomfortable outfit will unsettle you all day, costing you your confidence. As my friends the fashion gods say, wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you.

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Tasha Gregson said...

I agree, clothes certainly do affect my mood. And I would especially love that big fluffy yellow jumper with the cold weather right now!! Good look with the rest of your exams!! :)