Sunday, December 13, 2009

Well, I gotta get myself Christmas presents too...

Its amazing how I can still think of things that I want for Christmas after shopping so much. I always try to write down what I want instead of buying it, but spur of the moment shopping is always much more satisfying. Well, for reassurance, I must say that none of these items broke the budget and/or are one of I kind, so purchasing them was very necessary...Hehee :)

Cashmere sweater originally from Saks Fifth Avenue, got it for $35 from Second Time Around in the village (Mott and Prince).

I saw this at Kmart for 30 bucks and loved it but was surprised that it was so expensive...later that weekend I found it at Burlington Coat Factory for $14 and bought it. Wooop.

It looks like a normal vest from the back. When I turn around...BAM furry!

$5 dollars at a local vintage thrift store.

$2.50 at a thrift stopr to raise money for a hospital in Staunton Virginia.

Yayy shiny! Gold earrings--$3 at Charlotte Russe. Silver earrings--$2 at Nordstroms BP.

Holiday sweater--$15 at Target.


mom & son said...

what a score!
i all like them.
the fur vest is my favorite!

YLM-SPAIN said...

Nice presents...