Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boots on a Hot Day

Hello Blogosphere and happy belated Fourth of July! It is getting hot here (today it was 100 degrees!) but that doesn't stop me from wearing my new Dexter leather cowboy boots. I got them FOR FREE at Score , a swap meet in Brooklyn. I was planning on going for months and then finally I went this past May, and let me tell you, it was wonderful! I will post all of my finds one of these days. But anywayyy, I wore this outfit to Tanglewood where I saw James Taylor and Carol King in concert. They are on an international tour for the rest of the summer and I would definitely recommend snagging some tickets!

. Dress: Urban Outfitters
. Sweater: Target

I was scrounging around in my mom's closet and found this Hermes scarf. My dad got it for her when they were first married I believe. It is so beautiful, I wish I knew how to wear it! Any ideasss?

Happy Tuesday!


Vintage and Cake said...

Wow what a great scarf ...your dad has great taste ! I would wear it in your hair, tied in a bow or with a plain tee and around your neck. You could wear it with a simply dress as a belt ....or you could wear it layered over a boobtube as a top and wear cut off denim shorts or a smart salior pant ......Just go for it !

Have a great weekend and thank you for your comment xxx

Emily said...

I would wear it tied over a simple white skirt, to add texture and colour. Not that I have such a white skirt, but in an ideal world! That's a truly fantastic scarf!