Friday, April 9, 2010

Long Time no Post!--Lush

Konichiwa! I can't believe my last post was almost a whole month ago, but what can I say, fashion is not exactly the most prevalent thing on my mind anymore. Although I do still enjoy submersing myself in the art of shopping from time to time (alright a lot of the time) but I have lost the deeper interest in style I once had. Ah well, life goes on and new interests are formed, ones which will most probably be discarded of sooner than later. Hells bells, all I can do is try to go with the flow and my ever changing mind.

Well, on a cleaner note, while at the mall I came across a little stand selling "fresh homemade cosmetics". This organic store called Lush carries soaps and shampoos to massage bars and bath bombs to sea salt face cleansers and pimple zappers. Any problem you have with your body, a Lush product can fix it. For at least the past three years of my life I have been trying to find a cure for the frizzies that did not involve a flat iron, and no fancy hair jell or shampoo could ever do what Lush's Karma Komba Solid SHampoo did for my hair. After my hair dried, it was perfectly silky with not a frizz in sight, a post-shower spectacle I had never seen. Not only does the merchandise pass my test with flying colors, but the sales clerks are the friendliest sorts! They will not oppose to giving you a full out tour of every single product they sell, maybe even a few tours (guilty).

Seed Soap-Exfoliates skin

Fluffy Egg bath bomb makes you smell like candy!

As well as the Ice Blue Soap!

Jungle Solid Conditioner makes hair glossy and smooth.

Seanik Solid Shampoo gives hair life and nourishes.

Baby Face soap get rid of dirt and makeup.

Karma Koomba Solid Shampoo defrizzes hair.

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